7 favourite lipsticks that will take you through all seasons!

Lipsticks are my favourite make up product. They can literally be the only make up you use and still make look and feel confident.

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Coloured graphic liners to up your ‘make up look!

I love to experiment with coloured graphic eyeliners; especially when I work with fashion bloggers and for editorial shoots. Here are some of the favourite looks I’ve created coloured eyeliners. They’re easy to try and are apt if you want a funky, quirky make up look.

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Makeup artists’ secrets, I bet you didn’t know

Although there is no right or way of doing make up (being so subjective), here are some ideas that I think can help anyone.
You can skip using a moisturiser and go directly to the primer if you have oily skin. The primer will keep the makeup intact without breaking up your makeup.

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